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Trails- 30+ miles of 'em!

in the treesAll trails are on one large private preserve. Here we run our business and share a recreational easement with the state of Maine and other local users . Through years of hard work we have maintained much of the trail system and serve as a loyal steward of the property. Utilizing strict sustainable practices our trails represent an excellent model of sustainability. For riders that have a sincere interest in responsible trail use we will be happy to guide you for a fee. And for responsible users we also offer a seasons riding pass. Please call or e-mail ahead for trail updates, riding times, and reservations. We can guarantee virtually mud-free trails and lots of great, flowing singletrack, or your money back.

Wild Wild Wild West

5 miles, Intermidiate/Advanced riders
This is an epic ride! Expect tight singletrack, lung burning ascents, and an elevation change of 800' which culminates in a long dramatic downhill of switchbacks rushing thru Pines on steep smooth flows of pure adrenaline.

Plantation Singletrack Loop Trail

6 miles, Novice/Intermediate riders
This is one of our newest trails and an exceptionally beautiful loop. There's a nice variety of rolling terrain with easily negotiated singletrack and some doubletrack, with very few dramatic changes in elevation. The trail meanders through gorgeous plantation stands of Red and White Pines and tends to be smooth and dry with very little rocky areas. Although rated for beginners, the terrain and design make this an exciting and picturesque loop for all. This also boasts a beautiful lightening fast Half Pipe which even beginners also enjoy

Champion Pond and River Giver Trail

6+6 miles for a total of 12 miles and growing
These two babies offer some of our more challenging terrain. More technical areas, but also steep flowing long downhills and of course there's those climbs too. Around the lake portion tends to be rockier with more roots then any of our other trails and a number of water crossings with interesting bridges. The River trail has a nice long half pipe as well

Back Country Expressway Trail

3 Miles, For Advanced riders
This is the first of several one-of-a-kind, specialty singletracks, loaded with a menagerie of awesome riding apparatus. The trail starts up a long technical doubletrack dubbed The Wake-Up-Call. After getting just enough time to catch your breath while cruising a mellow section of pine-forested singletrack, get ready for the downhill time of your life! Welcome to a mountain bikers dream amusement park. There's a roller coaster, seesaws, chutes and ladders, and plenty of narrow bridges. This trail is one steep, long, clenching pucker factor and happens to offer some of our most challenging terrain.

Rock-N-Log Palace/Technical Terrain Park

Just around back at the main lodge sits this 4000 sq. foot half pipe chock-full of ridable goodies. Hang onto your spandex, because there's terraced drop-offs, log chutes, stairs, and tons of stone to shake, rattle, and roll you! In the center you'll find a boulder the size of a small house-we've actually had one rider successfully jump off it, making a perfect landing. This also hosts a ride-able roller coaster too!

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